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Responding to the current needs of human resources in the tourism industry, Wayamba Development Authority is actively involved in managing the Vocational Training Institute of Tourism and Hospitality. In addition, the regional school of the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management also remains functioning as at now within the same premises. Accordingly, whilst the vocational training institute of the provincial council remains engaged in conducting the NVQ study courses, the Sri Lanka tourist and hospitality services management institute keeps on conducting the study course on the certificate on hotel operation.

The Badagamuwa Tourism Comfort Center is a unique place that offers hospitality services to local and foreign tourists on their way to destination. The objective of the Badagamuwa Tourism Comfort Center is to provide standard services and products to local and foreign tourists in collaboration with private entrepreneurs and the public sector. The comfort centre comprises restaurants with facilities, sale stalls of Wayamba products, ATM facilities, and stalls exhibiting traditional handicrafts and various types of skilled workmanship. The premises accommodate a factious front yard for vehicle parking. It also encourages local small entrepreneurs to promote the market for handicrafts and souvenirs targeting the tourism industry.

The bungalow and the premises are located nearby the Puttlam town and also close by the picturesque Puttlam lagoon. The entire premises remain in a solitude and solace atmosphere and particularity the building owns an ancient rich looking due to architectural prestige. This bungalow provides accommodation facilities with standard dining facilities. Among the facilities here are include 04 No of fully equipped double bedrooms (inclusive of all amenities) with 40 seating capacity of an open restaurant.

Wayamba Dvelopment Authority (WDA)

The Wayamba Development Authority (WDA) which was established under the ordinance No. 1 in 1993 of North Western Provincial Council (NWPC) is the regulatory body in North Western province (Wayamba).

WDA has given its’ main concern on Tourism and hospitality sector development in North Western Province while involving in other areas/subjects such as community development, career guidance, Information technology, agriculture, animal husbandry, investment promotion. These areas are pertaining under the scope of WDA.

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Tourism and hospitality courses

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Baker (Bread)

NVQ3 3/4 (Full time/Part time)


Food and Beverage

NVQ3/4 (Full time/Part time)



NVQ 3/4 (Full time).


Room Attendent

NVQ3 (Full time)


Tour Guiding

NVQ 3/4 (Full time)


Travel and Tour Operator

NVQ4 (full time)


Trekking/Hiking Guide

NVQ 4 (Full time)



NVQ3 (full time)


Guest Relation Officer

NVQ 4 (Full time)


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